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Youth Rugby

Sport Youth Rugby
US Rugby and Star Rec are offering an intro to Rugby league. This league is flag, not tackle, and will be from June 20 until July 27. Tuesday and Thursday we will have practice and a game in Star. Resident fee $35.00 non-resident $60.00. Divisions will be 2015/16, 2014/13, & 2012/11/10 depending on registrations. Coach Alan Billingsley Jr. with Boise State Women's Rugby will be running the program this summer. Organizer: Ron Weston 208-908-5471 or [email protected]
League Details
League start date: Mar 16, 2020
League end date: May 15, 2020
League location
Hunters Creek Park
League manager
Ron Weston
208-286-7247 Ext4004
Registration will be the month of May.