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Youth 4 to 12 coed recreational baseball. Summer league registration in April league play is Jun.-Aug. T-ball is for 4-5-year-olds, and t-ball/coach pitch is for all other kids, depending on ability. Practices and games are on weeknights only, and there is no Saturday play—games and practices at Hunters Creek Park in Star. Organizer: Ron Weston 208-908-5471 or [email protected]
Youth soccer ages 3 thru 18, 2 seasons fall (Aug.-Oct.) and spring (Mar.-May), practices in Star M-F and games Th-Sat. Saturday games for 10-year-old and older, all younger weeknight games. 2-year age divisions gender specific. Field and team sizes are age appropriate. 10 and older will be 50% travel no more than 30-minute drive. Organizer: Ron Weston 208-908-5471 or [email protected]
Adult Cornhole 16 and older. 5 Five-week season, then the tournament. Games in Star. The league will repeat every 7 weeks, and there should be an open registration from May through Oct. If not, contact Ron Weston @ 208-908-5470 or [email protected]
Open Volleyball for adults. We offer indoor during the school year and outdoor during the summer. We need help with organizers if you're willing to help organize please contact Ron at [email protected]. If registration is open then there is league play, registration is FREE but requires knowing locations and times.
We have 2 leagues running at the same time. 1 coed softball and the other Sunday league. Seasons run as follows: Sunday league Spring, Summer, and Fall. Coed League is Summer only on Tuesday and Thursday nights. 10 games per season.
Youth Flag football ages 6 through 13, fall league Aug.-Oct Sprint league Mar-May. 2-year age groups teams 6v6 coed 10 and older will be boys and girls teams. Played with size-appropriate balls to maximize throwing. Practices and games weeknights, games on Thursdays played in Star and Middleton 50% home games. Organizer: Ron Weston 208-908-5471 or [email protected]
Open Basketball for adults. We offer indoor during the school year. We need help with organizers if you're willing to help organize please contact Ron at [email protected]
Season will be Jan 1 thru Mid-March. This is a youth beginners' program they will have a practice and game per week, no Saturday games.
Volleyball for ages 6 through 14 (by birth year), The season will be mid-Oct up to Christmas break, with weeknight practices, and games no Saturday play. Teams are divided by 2-year age groups coed and play 6v6. Gyms are located in Star depending on gym availability. Star will play Middleton for games. Registration will be during August.
16 and over cornhole leagues, in Spring, Summer and Fall seasons, winter if indoor is available. Emails for open registrations will be sent to our database when seasons are available.
5v5 indoor soccer. This league is designed to play games only, with no practices. Games are on Friday night only for 6 to 8 weeks depending on gym availability. The season is Oct. until Christmas break. Registration will open by mid-October, depending on gym availability.
US Rugby and Star Rec are offering an intro to Rugby league. This league is flag, not tackle, and will be from June 20 until July 27. Tuesday and Thursday we will have practice and a game in Star. Resident fee $35.00 non-resident $60.00. Divisions will be 2015/16, 2014/13, & 2012/11/10 depending on registrations. Coach Alan Billingsley Jr. with Boise State Women's Rugby will be running the program this summer. Organizer: Ron Weston 208-908-5471 or [email protected]