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OPEN REGISTRATION FOR THE SPRING SEASON FOR YOUTH & ADULT SOCCER AND BOYS & GIRLS LACROSSE CLICK THE TOP BUTTON SOCCER & LACROSSE REG. FOR REGISTRATION INFORMATION AND FORMS. Unfortunately online registration is still not available so please either mail or bring your registrations in to City Hall. THERE IS NO SPRING FOOTBALL THIS SEASON IT WAS REPLACED BY LACROSSE. Please try lacrosse this spring season football will return in the fall season.

Welcome Basketball parents of 6&7 and 10-12 year old. The box to locate your team name is above here it says TEAMS.

Welcome residents of star, all recreational programming is now available at this website. We have added a button on the top OTHER PROGRAMMING for everything we offer, youth and adult leagues will show up in its own button. Please click the Other Programming to view recreational activities that the City of Star offers.

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