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Online Store
Do you need a uniform? If you do not have the following uniforms you need one for 4 year old and older athletes in all sports. The uniforms are used in all sports leagues this same uniform will be used if you need to purchase extra shorts or shirts please feel free all orders will be placed after a sports league registration.
Uniform Kit
Price: $25.00
All youth league sports use this Uniform kit for kids 4 years older and older (if you are seeing this window your child's age falls into needing a uniform). If you need 1, order 1, if you already have 1, you do not need one. If you need extra shorts or shirts you can order them individually bellow. SIZE CHART Click and paste the following link in a new window to view:
Additional Information
Each uniform needs to have a child's name attached to it for distribution purposes.
Uniform Size
First & Last Name of Athlete for this uniform
Uniform Replacement Shorts
Price: $7.00
Replacement shorts for the uniform kit
Short Size
First and Last name for whom the shorts are for
Uniform Replacement Shirt
Price: $12.50
Replacement shirts for the uniform kit. You can only order 1 shirt at a time, if you need to order both shirts please order a uniform kit (cost is the same and you get the shorts for free).
Shirt Color
Shirt Size
First and Last Name for whom the shirt is for
Price: $1.00
Your donation will be used to help fund our scholarship program for any kids that want to play and can't afford to pay or might need the needed equipment or uniform. Please enter dollar amount in the quantity without a decimal point. Our kids thank you.
Star Hat Navy/White
Price: $15.00
Tuckers Hat with Star Rec Logo embroidered, Navy and White with snap back, 1 size fits most.
Name of child that hat/hats will be delivered to:
Star Rec Mug (covered)
Price: $20.00
Please select atleast one item