I can't see a program to register or it won't let me click the registration button?  Closed programs do not show up on the website, and if you can't click the button it is because registration has ended.  You can call 208-286-7247 to find out if there is a waiting list available for a program or email. 

How do I get information about a program?  You can view the details to any program that is open click view details next to the registration button. 

How do I know if I am a resident or non-resident?  If you pay city taxes you are a resident, if you pay county taxes you are a non-resident.  

How do I get to my account to pay the balance or change information?  Click here to log into your account https://sportsplus.app/org/304
you create your password the first time you enter, if you forget your password use forgot password to reset it. 

How are teams formed?  Teams are computer generated and players are placed on teams by age and gender.

Can I request a coach or friend?  No

Is there play ups or play downs?  No

What is the practice and game schedule?  View the details of a registration for game and practice details, it is up to the coaches when they practice.  In our programming we limit our meeting times to no more than 3 times per week, 2 practices and a game for older kids and usually 1 practice and a game for younger kids.  We try to do all sports on weeknights and limit games from Saturdays (8 year old and older usually have Saturday games). 

Can we pick our practice days and times?  Coaches pick their practice days and times not parents, if you would like to make your schedule consider coaching. 

Are coaches paid?  No, our coaching staff is volunteer.  

What if I want to coach?  If you volunteer to coach you will coach your child + 1 player (this player can be either your asst. coach or a child friend).  After the season, you will receive a free code to enroll any of your family members in another sports program good for a year. 

When should I hear from coaches or my team?  Everything is done online, you will receive an email from us about 1 week prior to the start of the season.  Our email will allow you to view your child's team and schedule, you may or may not hear from the coach but we do encourage our coaches to email you prior to the first practice.  

Do we need uniforms?  All ages and sports needs a uniform, you will see the uniforms during registration if you have the same uniform then you do not need to purchase another.  Our goal is to keep your costs down so we try to use the as long as the manufacture can supply them, they uniforms are not gender specific so all your athletes could use the same uniform.  If your uniform does not match the pictured uniform in the registration you will need to purchase one.

Why do the uniforms have 2 shirts?  Blue is for home games and black is for away games, the system will tell you if you are home or away.

Why do I get a lot of emails?  We try to limit emails, so we only send them out when necessary, depending on how the email is sent you could receive the same email for every child in our system, we apologize if you get too many but we are trying to limit them.  Another reason people get emails is reminders our system is designed to email you a reminder 2 hours prior to every practice and game, you can turn this feature off in your team page, there is a button to Subscribe to Schedule Reminders Click NO, the default is set at yes and you will have to do this for every team you are with.

I am not getting emails?  Please check your SPAM folder and move us to trusted email or your in box.

I forgot to order or your child's uniform does not fit any more, what do I do?  You can go to our online store http://staridahorec.com/online-store you can purchase uniforms, extra shirts or shorts but the online store is closed after registrations after that you will have to email Ron at rweston@staridaho.com we have extra uniforms but you will have to come and pick them up.