City of Star Recreation

Published by Ron Weston
Oct 29, 2018

Star Recreation

Welcome.  To view the programs offered at this time please click the REGISTER NOW button.  Search for the league or activity listed that you are interested in and the detailed information provided.  If you find a program you would like to register for click the Register button under that program.  
Please read each page of the registration process and pay close attention to the Athlete Information Page at the bottom you can add athlete you must click <new athlete> in the drop down window then click the program name then the +Add button in order to add another member of your family do not try to change the a name or DOB of a present athlete you must add an athlete or it will cause issues.

Everyone, if you would like to login to view yours or your child's schedule click the top right corner LOGIN, use your email address you registered with and either use your password or reset your password.  You will be directed to your team page where all your information is located.

If you have questions regarding city activities, classes and/or events contact Kim Ingraham @ 208-908-5470 / or for questions regarding city sports leagues contact Ron Weston @ 208-908-5471 /