Published by Ron Weston
Jan 09, 2019

Referees Wanted:  We need people 14 and older to referee for youth soccer and football.  If you are interested contact Ron Weston at [email protected] to set up an interview before August 27.  Soccer referees get between $12 to $25.00 per game and football referees get $15.00 per game.  

The search for Star Bigfoot is on;

          1.   Use #starbigfoot to find clues to his location on either Facebook or Instagram
          2.   Find Bigfoot
          3.  Take your picture with Bigfoot

          4.  Post your picture on your Facebook or Instagram page as public with #starbigfoot in the comment section
          5.  We will find it, post it, and give out prizes all summer long
          6.  Check back every couple of week to see where in the City bigfoot has ran off to
         7.  Take the family and friends and have fun finding him

The City’s newly renovated Riverhouse -(& Barn) @ 960 Main St.  is our new headquarters for many of our programs and events.  

Follow City of Star Recreation Facebook  for the latest happenings. CLICK HERE to follow.

Any questions please contact;

Kim Ingraham Rec. Coordinator   [email protected] 

O: 208 908-5470 C: 208 985-5676

Ron Weston Sports Coordinator [email protected]   

O: 208 908-5471 C: 208 985-5595