Soccer Fall (Residents) - Kids 12 and older

Soccer Fall (Residents) - Kids 12 and older
12 thru 17 years olds as of Dec. 31, 2018
Start Date: Aug 20, 2018
End Date: Oct 20, 2018
Born After: Dec 31, 2000
Born Before: Jan 01, 2007
Category: Youth Sports Leagues
Gender: Both
Registration Status: Sold Out
Registration Start Date: Aug 06, 2018
Registration End Date: Aug 10, 2018
Fee & Payment Options
Uniform Fee ($25.00) + IYSA Fee ($5.00): $30.00
Program fee payment type: One Time Payment
Amount: 25.00
Due Date: Aug 10, 2018
Late Fee: 10.00
Open Registrations for High School players. Click on the blue name above for league information. There is new uniforms this season $25.00 per kit.
Registration is $25.00 + $25.00 for Uniform Kit + $5.00 IYSA fees.
Everyone needs a new uniform this season.
The age divisions are as follows:

2005/06 - for 12 & 13 year olds - old classification U14
2003/04 - for 14 & 15 year olds - old classification U16
2001/02 - for 16 & 17 year olds - old classification U18

Assessments will be July 25th for 2007/08 and July 26 for 2003 thru 06 at 9 am and 6 pm, everyone will be required to have their athletes show up for an assessment, either of the times, where a coach will evaluate all the players to place them onto equal teams.  Make up will be Freidya July 27th at 9 am and 6 pm. 

We are using new uniforms this season so everyone will need to purchase a new unifrom kit which includes 2 jerseys (home and away) and shorts.  Parents will need to purchase black socks, shin guards and a ball (2007/08 size 4 ball and 2006 thru 2001 size 5 ball).

Practices are during the week (no more than 2 per week) and games are on Saturdays.  Travel is required 50% of the time games only, not to exceed 30 min. travel time.  This league is known as Outback League which is a recreational league in partnership with Idaho Youth Soccer Association (IYSA).