Powder Puff Football (Non-Residents) - Adult Women Only

Powder Puff Football (Non-Residents) - Adult Women Only
16 year and older
Start Date: Aug 20, 2018
End Date: Oct 15, 2018
Born After: Aug 01, 1958
Born Before: Aug 01, 2012
Category: Adult Sports Leagues
Gender: Girls
Registration Status: Sold Out
Registration Start Date: Jun 28, 2018
Registration End Date: Sep 10, 2018
Fee & Payment Options
Program fee payment type: One Time Payment
Amount: 40.00
Due Date: Aug 06, 2018
Late Fee: 0.00
The ladies have asked us to try again to get the league back up and running. Games will be Monday nights from Aug 20 thur Oct. 15 we need a min or 4 teams of 6 ladies per team. Everyone needs to register payment when league is formed.
This league is for 16 and up ladies, it is flag football on Monday nights.  Everyone interested needs to register payment will not be requested until there is enough ladies to form a league.
Needed 6 women per team 4 teams minimum.
During registration you can enter your team name or you can register as an individual and we will place you on a team.