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Hello parents!

Sadly, we are finishing off our cheer season this Friday. Jamie and I have loved working with the girls and seeing their improvement throughout the weeks. The girls came to practices and games with so much excitement to learn we thank them for being such good kids! It was a fun season thank you for having your children involved in  Star cheer this year.

If your daughter really enjoyed cheer we have some good news. I have spoken with Ron, who was impressed with all of the cheerleaders and was thinking about having cheer again for basketball season which is coming up in a few weeks. If enough of the girls would like to continue we would be able to put together a team this year. You can email me if your daughter is interested so I can pass on the information. Once we know if cheer will continue I will send out an email to those interested with the details.

Thanks again for a great season!
Posted On  Oct 9 2018   
First Game
First game is tomorrow 5:30-6:30 pm at Hunter's Creek football field 11. Jamie will be there to meet the girls at the flag pole before game time. I have put all games into the calendar, if you cannot view them please let me know. For each game have the girls wear their Star cheer shirts with either black or gray shorts/leggings and tennis shoes. Hair must be out of face (ie half up, braids, pony) they can wear any bows if they would like to.
Posted On  Sep 6 2018   
Games will be starting this coming Friday Sept 7th. Because there are quite a few teams that we can cheer for we will be switching off game times we cheer for each week. With that said, this coming week we will cheer for the younger football boys from 5:30-6:30 on Friday. Then the following week cheer for the older boys from 6:30-7:30 on Friday. I will make sure to send out reminders the week of games so everyone knows what time to be at Hunters Creek.

There are practices put in the calendar for a few mornings, you can disregard those for now, I will get with Ron to see what happened there. Hope you all have a good labor day weekend, see you Tuesday!

Posted On  Sep 1 2018   
Practice Today!!
Hi all, A special thanks to Nicole Wicks, who is willing to run a fun little practice for us today as both coaches will be out. It will be same time and place as usual.
Posted On  Aug 28 2018   
Hello parents, As you all should have received the email, Star cheer is starting up this coming week! Practices will be on Tuesdays and Thursday’s from 5:30-6:30 next to the football fields. If anyone is willing to help out it would be greatly appreciated. I can’t wait to have fun and learn some cheers with the girls! Crislyn Rausch
Posted On  Aug 17 2018